About Us!

On Friday, May 15th 2009 a new account on Twitter, @simeonhobbes started posting cryptic references to LOST and following fans of the show. Interested Tweeters soon discovered a YouTube channel named “TheLostExperience”, and a posted video entitled “Who is Simeon Hobbes?” containing a Morse Code message lead excited followers to the twitter accounts of @epithetalpha and soon after @ElliottGraves. And thus an ARG was born…

Initially surrounded by a lot of hype and interest, players started out with the belief that this may in fact have been the start of an official Lost ARG following on from the season finale. However, after numerous mis-assumptions and hijack attempts, the game was confirmed by it’s creator to be unofficial and fan-based.

This hasn’t dissuaded many of it’s players however, and impressed by the proffesional orchestration and nail-biting story line, the game still has a HUGE following.

This blog was created to keep track of it’s many twists and turns and follow our progress as we attempt to help Elliott track down his missing brother Nathan and uncover the secrets behind the mysterious 8th Spoke organisation and the elusive hacker Aidoneus.

We hope you’ll check back often! The pace is fast, covering all time zones and often progressing at lightening speed, so regular updates will help to keep you in the loop!


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