Posted by: porridgebrain | June 14, 2009

Final Thoughts

Hello Mr PM, LostARGians and friends,

I know – I’m supposed to be on holiday, but I’m curled up in the window of my holiday cottage and have managed to get a wi-fi connection out the window so here I am.

As has been my habit the last few weeks, I tucked my baby up in bed and swatted my husband off the PC so I could check for updates on my new favourite enterprise, hoping I wasn’t missing too much excitement. Never have I spent so much time on the computer as I have recently, or talked to so many interesting people, typed so frantically or thought through so many puzzles, codes, clues, ideas and theories. My living room at home is strewn with scribbled bits of papers, half hearted deciphering attempts that lead no-where, endless anagrams, and triumphant solutions discovered after many happy hours of puzzling. I think it’s probably an understatement to say that I have been totally and utterly hooked. Though I’m sure you never would have guessed that from this blog…

So what can I say?

I’m gutted. Obviously. That this should all come to such a premature ends seems both heart breaking and incredibly unfair. But I don’t mean this as a slight against our dear PM. I completely and utterly understand why this couldn’t continue and support you in your decision 100% – FFS I’ve found juggling the BLOG and real life hard work at times! I can’t imagine what it’s been like for you! (especially as we feverishly work through your puzzles at a rate of knots!!) No, what’s tragic is that this amazing story is going to be left untold (and thank you for sharing ‘what would have been’ – what a story!) It’s unfair that you are just an ordinary guy trying to do an extraordinary job. It’s unfair that you haven’t been picked up by TPTB and commissioned to do the real thing. As soon as they saw the momentum this was building on Twitter at the start they should have snapped you up in a second and supported the rest of your project. God knows it was ten times better than anything they’ve ever come up with anyway.

I guess all I can say is thank you for letting us be a part of the story for a while. It’s been a fantastic ride and I have enjoyed every minute. Writing this blog has given me enormous pleasure – as has ‘meeting’ and interacting with so many fabulous, diverse, interesting, and intelligent people.

I’m so sad that this blog couldn’t have been there from start to finish and help tell your tale in it’s entirety. I hope at least that it can stand as testimony to a great game and a great talent (you Mr PM). At last check it had scored over 28,000 hits – that’s a lot of people interested and engaged with what you have to say Mr PM – what a fabulous achievement.

Please keep writing and working – I hope that your future is bright and full of new opportunities. You deserve some recognition and credit for your talent and I hope you find it someday.

And please keep in touch. All of you.

Bye for now and Nameste

Josie / porridgebrain / bloggymama/ WISH? addict



  1. I agree with you wholeheartedly Josie! Its been an absolue blast, Never have I lost so much sleep willingly, stayin awake all hours to keep up with puzzle release times, then stayin awake longer to try n help solve them. The feeling of community that this game helped deliver has also been an eye opener for me! I’ve really felt part of something special and would hate to think that I’ll never speak to any of you guys again! You’ve all been boss! As for the PM (elliot,nathan,reepi, whatever your real name is!?) I’l say it again this experience has put the real Lost Experience to shame and if the creators of Lost and other ARG’s havent sat up and taken notice of your work they need their heads checking! Who’s up for petitioning Fox to offer the guy a job?! Haha! Seriously tho, dont give up on what is so obviously a great talent! Keep in touch with us so that if you decide to have another go at something similar we can be the first to get on board! Lastly I’m gonna have to say what legends Porridgebrain,Env420 and ElysiumEludes have been (esp Josie!) If it wasnt for you guys working so hard on the blog I’d have lost track a long way back!
    Much love guys! n keep in touch!
    Brian aka Trippylobster

  2. Games must end… but the Empire never ended…

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