Posted by: porridgebrain | June 10, 2009

Chenchey On Facebook!!

Yes that’s right people – looks like the ARG is moving to Facebook!!!!!!!! (I’m very excited…can you tell?)

Jarred spotted that words ‘face’ and ‘book’ in the last message from R33pich33p:

“Putting on a happy face or kicking back and reading a book aren’t options”

 – I thought this sentance sounded kinda funny when I read it! Fantastic thinking Jarred!

Anyway, checking Facebook Jarred found the newly founded group Stop Chenchey!

“The Chenchey Institute of Research: formed in 1992 by humanitarian and murderer, Zoran Savo. For almost two decades, this organization has worked under the veil of humanitarianism and science to terrorize and kill. Whether it be “accidental” deaths in drug trials, suspicious deaths of competitors, or under-the-table dealings with radical militant groups, the Chenchey Institute always seems to find itself connected to misery.

And yet, the media still treats them as heroes. So it’s up to us, the friends and family of the victims, or mere protesters who see the truth in all the lies, to join together in a common cause: to stop Chenchey!

Join us. Spread the word. Fight back!”

Members include it’s founder, a James Lear, none other than Sara Heisenberg herself (Niel’s daughter) and a Jennifer Dreiser (and dog) whose sister died after being involved in Chenchey drug trials.

This must be the what R33pi was talking about when s/he advised us to ‘seek out’ others wanting to bring Chenchey down.

So what are you waiting for?! Join the group!!!


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