Posted by: porridgebrain | June 10, 2009

An 8 Spoked Wheel And A Mission From The Mouse

The new Chenchey page updated soon after it’s discovery this morning with five linked pages and lots of new information:

First off – a message back from ‘the boss’


Leading to and more information on ‘the boss’, Oleg Nosovi.


Leading to: Looks like Nosovi has had dealings with our old friend the ‘recently deceased’ Alexander Berne of the 8th Spoke AND Thomas Mittlewerk, evil scientific genius of the Hanso Foundation. A dangerous trio indeed.


Leading to: with eight locations for us to ponder over,


And finally linking to this message from R33pich33p:


Our mission is clear – to uncover the truth about The Chenchey Institute and The 8th Spoke and put an end to their inhumane and dangerous plans for humanity, whatever they may be.

R33pich33p talks of Chenchey ‘taking something dear’ from him, and Elliott too. Perhaps R33pi is none other than Niel Heisenberg’s daughter Sara who was reportedly rather good on a computer, or perhaps his son John, or even his wife Loretta?

R33p tells us there are others like him/her, fighting to bring down Chenchey, and that we should seek them out before it is too late. But where to start looking?

Working from the place names given in ‘quatre’ as our best and most promising lead, Seriousm plotted the locations on a map to find the mid point and returned with a familiar shape (many thanks for his map reproduced below:)


An Eight Spoked Wheel!! With the mid-point location at first glance appearing to be somewhere near St. Louis but later calculated with some accuracy as being Grantfork, IL. Specifically, slightly above what looks like a river or stream located south of Grantfork (thanks to MercenaryMuffin).

What on earth have they got planned there?

Fantastic work today team! Feels so good to back in full flow again!



  1. Guys – this game looks awesome 🙂
    I’m very sad that I find this so late (today). Do you think I can jump in now?

    • OF COURSE!! Welcome on board! I think there’s still LOTS more fun to come and we can always do with new brains 🙂 Don’t forget to check twitter and the unfiction forum to keep up to date with our puzzle solving progress and dodn’t be shy to chip in with ideas. Hope the blog here manages to fill you on everything so far (I keep meaning to do a ‘story so far’ page when I get a chance) – feel free to ask any questions and I’ll do my best to answer!

    • Yes!!! Please feel free to join in our madness!! 😀

  2. Thanks for support 🙂 You are very nice. 🙂
    So lets play!

  3. Sorry for doublepost, but
    I read this whole blog from the very beggining and I think this ARG is semi legit. My idea is that the game is made by The Fans but the story and financial support is given by Darlton and ABC. If I’m wrong I think when the show ends Darlton should give those Fans somekind of medal.

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