Posted by: porridgebrain | June 10, 2009

All Hail The Crimson Angel! (we are not worthy…)

Ok I’ll admit it. I had given up hope of us EVER managing to solve this puzzle. We had been working at it for days and days, trying every possible angle. Binary, ASCII, Roman Numerals, Maths equations, Bible references… you name it, we tried it. Going round and round in circles and slowly going insane from staring at code for hours on end. I’m not kidding – I thought my brain was going to explode from the effort.

I honestly thought we were defeated.

But… NO! Team Europe came up trumps with our saviour Crimson Angel posting his/her solution on the WISH? blog Oh YEAH! *celebratory arm pump*

I have no idea how s/he managed to come up with this but there you go – WELL DONE!

I’ll try and explain it:

The original code was 9 ? 3 13 R.1: II

We had previously noticed on the Finalis page code that the ‘wrong’ letters spelling out the Nitti Family were either +1 or -1 position in the alphabet from the corrected letters.

After converting the numbers into letters, Crimson Angel decided to try this rule with the new code:

9 ? 3 13
I ? C M

H(-1) ? B(-1) L(-1)

H ? B L R.1: II

CA got a bit stuck here but then remembered the ‘deliberate’ mistakes on the Chenchey website and the missing word “is” and added that where the ? had been:

H IS B L R.1: II

That left R.1: II. CA wondered whether the “R” might stand for ‘Repeated’ and be linked to the repeated words on the Chenchey Website. R.1 could maybe mean ‘repeated first’ and II  mean either second letter in repeated words or use a letter twice, giving  “o” (since the repeated words’ second letters are all “o” anyway)

That gave:

Adding a “D” (bit of guess work here but still genius!) gave HIS BLOOD and the URL

How clever is that?!

The link lead us to a page featuring the Geek Mafia letter we already ‘accidently’ discovered but a new clue in the source code “foodfordeath” lead Seriousm to this URL and FINALLY a new message from R33pich33p!

“according to the chatter i’m hearing they’re announcing something tomorrow…check back here when they do.”

So check back tomorrow peeps!! Looks like we’re finally back in business!


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