Posted by: porridgebrain | June 6, 2009

Can You Dig It?

Before I begin, lets all take a moment to have a little celebratory dance around and give a few ‘whoo hoo!’s – cause Elliott’s back!! Finally freeing us from puzzle paralysis with a new clue and some new information about our friends the Nitti Family – turns out we WERE on the right track!

It seems Nathan and Francisco Nitti, Staff Scientist for the Chenchey Institute, have something of a history. In a new blog entry, Elliott recalls finding an email repsonse from Francisco in Nathan’s email account and, although the original message seems to have been lost, Franc’s reply is posted for us to have a look at:

nitti email

A rather threatening tone I’m sure you’ll agree. What had Nathan done to upset ‘the family’ (anyone else thinking some kind of geek mafia??!). Science isn’t there only weapon apparently. So what else have they got to fight with? Money? What’s clear is that Nathan hadn’t made any friends here.

Elliott had no luck when trying to email Nitti back, but maybe we would? Players quickly sent off their emails.

RAD24/Ryan was the chosen acolyte lucky enough to receive a reply –

“On vacation in Angra. If you’re with the fam, check the website.

Clicking on the link leads us to a page with a construction sign and the message ‘The Nitti Family Website is down for repairs!” on the tab bar.

But clicking on the sign takes us here:


A construction site. Location G perhaps? I’m sure I’m not the only one that was reminded of the Swan building site…

And a new code and message from R33pi –          9 ? 3 13 R. 1: ll

Get cracking folks!! (or digging… haha)



  1. Last stop before madness: i’ ve been trying too much ascii combinaison…….The word DROIDS is also an obscesion : what are we looking for? 6 letters:
    Our friend r33p is really hard too follow.

  2. This may be a HUGE reach, but the numbers kinda look like numbers from the dewey decimal system. And the 900s categories are about geography & history. Perhaps pointing to some book or map?

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