Posted by: porridgebrain | June 4, 2009


Well looks like we’re well and truly stuck on this one. Either we’ve been set a deliberately fiendish one (maybe to keep us stumped till Elliott gets back from his trip!), or we’re missing something obvious. Here’s what we’ve got:

20 8 5 – 15 9 20 20 9 – 6 1 14 9 12 24
T H E – O I T T I F A N I L X                                

possibly translating as….

20 8 5 – 14 9 20 20 9 – 6 1 13 9 12 25
T H E – N I T T I F A M I L Y                    

 as we have a Francisco Nitti on the Chenchey Staff page.

This gives us the ‘wrong’ letters ONX which are all plus or minus one position away from the corrected letter.

O to N is 15 to 14 = -1
N to M is 14 to 13 = -1
X to Y is 24 to 25 = +1

So we have the sequence -1 -1 +1

We also spent most of yesterday spotting the ‘deliberate’ (?) mistakes found all over the Chenchey website:

Three sets of repeated words:     
working working             
to make to make
to make to make (repeated twice)     

One missing word:

One word with an extra letter:

And two words with two letters in the wrong place:

Lastly we have two ‘broken’ links from names on the Staff page – Oleg Nosovi and Luis Soto. May not mean anything but working on the assumption that everything means SOMETHING in this game then they might be worth considering – why don’t these two names have working links when all the others do?

HOW all this fits together is completely escaping us. Any ideas??



  1. Where is mighty mouse when you need him?!

  2. […] got a bit stuck here but then remembered the ‘deliberate’ mistakes on the Chenchey website and the missing word “is” and added that where the ? had […]

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