Posted by: porridgebrain | June 2, 2009

R33pich33p Throws Us A Crumb…Or Twelve

After many hours drowning in letters and slowly descending into an anagram induced madness, I for one was VERY relieved yesterday when R33pich33p decided to take pity on us poor hopeless puzzlers and give us a hint. That’s the problem with this linear type of puzzle presentation – once you reach a dead end you’re stuck!

A text to Elliott from the mouse himself gave us this: (eventually! After corrections!!)

Elliott’s tweet: Got a text from someone calling themselves ‘r33pich33p.’ Anyone know what “c-e—e- / – n–itu-e / -f / –s-a—“ means?

Hurray! With 27 characters in all, our string of 27 letters will fit perfectly into this framework.

With a good team effort on the UNfiction forum (which you must follow for all our puzzle solving work in action!), we came up with:

Chenchey Institute Of Research

(props to seriousm for coming up with the name ‘Chenchey’!)

A bit of digging uncovered the fact the Chenchey Institute of Research did exist already as part of the LOST world, featuring heavily in the video game Lost: Via Domus, in which it was involved in dangerous and harmful experimentation into ESP using lethal Serin Gas.

While most of us missed the obvious, trying URLs at the 8th Spoke etc, seriousm came up trumps again, managing to see the wood for trees and finding:

LOTS of fun info here!

 “We are proud to announce the opening of a new facility in Ponta Delgada in the A.R. of Azores” for starters! Plus projects on “Electromagnetism” and connections to the Hanso Foundation and the Enzo Valenzetti Endowment for Scientific Research all show we were on the right track!


Just have to say that I think maybe I can take some credit for R33pich33p throwing us an extra clue – about 5 minutes before his text to Elliott I had sent him a bit of a grumpy email, in my frustration, saying that if he REALLY wanted to help us then he had to give us something decent to work with! I think I even mentioned throwing us a bone, or some cheese! So when the ‘crumbs’ popped up later I really had to smile with them definitely being CHEESE crumbs not bread in my mind!! Apologies and thanks to R33pich33p for helping us out – a true gentleman!

However, looking back it seems ‘someone’ may have been reaching out to give us a clue in our confusion. Steff recalled a post on the WISH? blog comments page that read (emphasis is mine):

“Lurkyloo Says:
May 31, 2009 at 11:52 pm | Reply

Some words I see in there..

i theta

Will post if i see anything else”

Maybe we should have taken ‘Lurkyloo’ a bit more seriously!! Think we better keep our eyes open for more mysterious comments from unknown players in the future… especially when we’re really stuck!


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