Posted by: porridgebrain | June 1, 2009

Off Topic… Porridgebrain has a moan!

Ok, while it’s quiet, these things are annoying/troubling me at the moment…

1. What the hell was the astrolabe all about. It was such an intriguing image and concept based on such a cool idea (a prehistoric computer?!). Yet it’s gone no-where since.

2. Why has Simeon Hobbes stopped tweeting?

3. What did the disappearing countdown’s on the 27 site mean? And is anything going to happen to those 22 blank pages? WHERE/WHAT ARE THE OTHER 5?! (because surely there must be 27 pages in all?)

4. WHY why WHY is my computer still not letting me access the above?! Beginning to get paranoid that ‘someone’ has blocked my IP access to the site!!

5. Why, when Aidoneus told us not to investigate I.Theta, is the path he placed our feet on leading us there and no-where else?

6. When are The 8th Spoke going to put something on their events page? I check it everyday and it’s bugging me!

7. WHO is Aidoneus and why is he helping us. I, for one, don’t trust him, but will follow where he leads for now.

8. What’s with all the frickin’ anagrams?!! I have completely reached my anagram saturation  point after battling with this latest clue all day!!

9. Most importantly – WHERE IS THE PHEONIX?! And how can we find him?

Any more anyone? Any more loose ends/questions that are playing on your mind? I’ll add them on!!



  1. My biggest grump in that the 27 site has led nowhere. There have been no more clues, nothing. It’s frustrating because I worked on that with other argers for hours and to no avail. I’d love to see where that goes….

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