Posted by: porridgebrain | June 1, 2009

A Hex From The Mouse And Other News

Both myself and anne_wintermute received emails back from r33pich33p last night (although I was a little late to the party – waking up to check my email about 6 hours AFTER all the action!)

In both replies, R33pach33p says he doesn’t know where Niel is (or Nathan for that matter) but that he knows a lot about I. Theta.  Included in both replies is the same code, 27 pairs of numbers and letters:
47 57 66 56 27 e6 27 86 56 96 36 56 56 e6 86 56 16 36 37 37 96 97 36 f6 86 47 47

Player Steff discovered that by reversing each pair of numbers you get a hex code ( also known as hexidecimal, or base-16 code)

74 75 66 65 72 6e 72 68 65 69 36 65 65 6e 68 65 61 63 73 73 69 79 63 6f 68 74 74

which translated gives us the letters:


Time to get our anagraming hats back on? I can see a in there so maybe another URL?

In other news, tweets and a blog post by Elliott tell us that he’s going to be away for most of this week so won’t be rummaging through any more of Nathan’s papers before the weekend.

So looks like we’re stuck with what r33pach33p chooses to throw us for now. Hopefully we’ll crack this next clue soon and it won’t be too quiet a week!



  1. see 6th pair/letter
    6e is the letter n, not ae

    • Apologies – thanks for pointing it out!

  2. fill in the missing letters in the text with “tufernrheiceenheacssiycohtt” elliot received and you get:

    Chenchey Institute of Research

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