Posted by: porridgebrain | May 31, 2009

Another Lost Soul

It’s been a quiet couple of days with fans beginning to get a bit antsy, going over old clues and beginning to worry that maybe Elliott had gone the way of his brother and disappeared. But a new blog entry last night put our worries to rest and us firmly back in the game.

A letter of Nathan’s gave us a new name and new information on St Ignace:

St Ignace

The land based map marker points to, you guessed it, St Ignace, Michigan and players Env420 and Amandeercalculated the seemingly sea-based map point to correspond with the Azores Islands in the Atlantic Ocean.

The name ‘Niel Heisenberg’ and his mention of the website LinkedIn led us to his profile at the same site and from there to his personal website and blog.

And so it seems Nathan isn’t the only person working on this project to have disappeared: a comment on Niel’s blog from his daughter Sara dated 30th May tells us he has been missing for weeks – most likely since shortly after his last blog entry of 4th May in which he reports overhearing something at a business meeting that deeply disturbed him.

Both the letter and Niel’s blog talk once again about ‘competitors’ to the procurement of Location G, which seems to be in St Ignace. Are the 8th Spoke the competitors bidding on the site? We certainly know that they have an interest in the site after collecting ground samples there.

Players began to study Niel’s website for clues and Kalyn quickly noticed

“Niel’s Random page is everything he likes A-Z (obviously) and he mentions his son’s name, John, his daughter’s name, Sara, and his mother’s name, Mary. But his list is missing the letter L and he never mentions his wife’s name (Loretta)”

Searching for possible URLs that used Loretta’s name led  J4a8s15s16o23n42 to the image page and this image:


So a red herring?! Or is there more to find here…?

Env420 decided to respond to Sara’s comment and managed to initiate a conversation with Sara regarding her father’s disappearance. She had little new information to add, never having heard of The 8th Spoke, ‘The Law’, the St. Ignace site, Simeon Hobbes OR much about her father’s business dealings, but did mention that his blog had previously held a ‘list of worries’ on his personal page that had been taken down.

Sara seemed reluctant to pry too deep into her father’s personal and private records but seemed open to us investigating further, suggesting we see if the page that her father removed from his website was still there under a different name. She suggested using things he had an interest in:

-mythology (of the mediterranean variety)
-maybe a combination of all three?

So far nobody has come up with an answer, but hopefully playing around with different URLs based on information in the site and Sara’s suggestions will soon give us what we’re looking for.

Watch this space!




  2. Hey there. 🙂 anne_wintermute discovered the word we were looking for was pisces.

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