Posted by: porridgebrain | May 28, 2009

Sens Does Some Digging

Whilst waiting for the next update from Elliott today, Sens did some detective work on the ‘whois’ service of the site to find out who was registered to and came up with these details:

Edmund Montgomery

Ann Arbor, MI

The 8th Spoke
Email :
Phone : (734) 764-1817
Instant messenger :

Updated Date : 20-May-2009
Creation Date : 20-May-2009

For those of you that don’t remember (I didn’t!), Dr. Edward Montgomery was a guest speaker at the 8th Spoke Rememberance Day Service – so is an 8th Spoke site and NOT one belonging to Aidoneus as other players had speculated!

Further digging found that Edward Montgomary and the same details are also regsitered to site.

Definitely a name to look out for then! Could HE be Aidoneus’ ‘man on the inside’? Or perhaps this is one of the aliases that Aidoneus mentioned?

ElysiumEludes found Edward Montgomery to be a historical figure, remembered for being both biologist and philosopher, and as she pointed out “If these people are taking aliases, then scientific names would make sense”.

The number, by the way, looks to be the main line for the University of Michigan, so probably not worth a call!!




  1. hey your blogness, theres an update on elliot graves blog, and also someone found these new pages related to it:

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