Posted by: porridgebrain | May 28, 2009

Please Leave Your SECRET Message After The Tone…

So it seems Elliott received a mysterious telephone callyesterday at 7.27am (which just happened to be May 27th btw!), saving it to his blog for us to have a listen to.

Deciding that it MUST be significant somehow, players set to work at trying to decode it’s hidden meaning.

Figuring out that the tones heard must correspond to numbers on a phone, @tgosnell worked out the ‘message’ to be: 


After playing aroundwith possible letter equivalents to the numbers given on a phone key pad but getting no where, @EmPuLSe suggested that maybe the * symbols represented a multiplication sign equating as:

9 x 369 x 839362622 = 2787523267662

and sure enough that led ARGonut to the first new URL of the night:

Another blank page on first observation – but again on closer inspection players found another clue hidden in the Source Code:

/-1 / -1 / – / – / -1 / -1 / -1 / – / -1 / – / – / – / – /

13 ‘entries’ – corresponding to the 13 numbers of the URL?

A good team effort by LOSTFAN88 and Riddle quickly cracked this one too – by subtracting 1  key on a phone keypad from each of the numbers corresponding to a -1 in the new sequence, a new number was calculated:

9 -1 key = 8
* -1 key = 9
9 -1 key = 8
* -1 key = 9
8 -1 key = 7
9 -1 key = 8                         Giving= 893689738362622

Players had already speculated earlier in the night that when typed into a phone the end numbers 2622 converted to leading to the possibility of a new web address. Working with this new number Riddle found that this was now indeed the case, with the rest of the numbers transcribing to the words ‘twentyseven’:

*NOTE* I have repeatedly tried to access this URL this morning with no success, getting only an Internal Server Error message. Hopefully it’s just a temporary fault – I’ll keep trying.

Still more to come! Be back in a bit…





  1. así se ve la página, yo aun la veo el link en el I nos lleva a la página aleph los otros numeros no tienen link

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