Posted by: porridgebrain | May 28, 2009

Now I Know My Aleph, Bet, Gimel…Won’t You Sing Along With Me…

The site isn’t working for me this morning but thanks to amandel at the unfiction forum I can now give you a screen shot of the page


The first ‘I’ acts as a link to the page and additional information in the source code reveals the names of the other two numeral images ‘U2’ and ‘U3’:

<center><a href=”aleph.htm”><img src=”images/a1.jpg” BORDER=0></img></a> <img src=”images/u2.jpg”></img> <img src=”images/u3.jpg”></img></center>

‘Aleph’ being the first letter in the Hebrew Alphabet, players began trying Hebrew letters as URLs and between them managed to come up with one for every letter. That is, once the spelling had been agreed upon! It seems there are different possible spellings for each letter but using this wiki guide gave a result for all 22 letters.

Thanks to sdishman/dishboy for this comprehensive list:

Players checking each address found nothing but a blank page with no further clues hidden in the source code.

THAT IS except ElysiumEludes and Gary! When the clicked on the ‘qoph’ page they were both greeted with some sort of countdown! Why the rest of the players couldn’t view this is a mystery – it seemed to quickly disappear when players tried to access it so our only conclusion is that it was taken down quickly before too many players could see it.

The weirdest thing of all is that both players report seeing a different amount of time counting down, with one countdown due to end at 10pm on the 28th (today), the other at 10pm on the 29th (tomorrow), both EST. I guess we’ll have to wait and see if anything comes of it!!

A further mystery was revealed when players noticed that the second two image names of the Roman Numerals on the page had changed while they had been finding the Hebrew Alphabet pages to ‘ 5tamuz’ and ‘6av’, with the source code now reading:

<center><a href=”aleph.htm”><img src=”images/a1.jpg” BORDER=0></img></a> <img src=”images/5tamuz.jpg”></img> <img src=”images/6av.jpg”></img></center>

Sdishman/dishboy found these to be the names of months in the Hebrew Calender with Gary finding that 5th Tamuz and 6th Av corresponded to nothing less than 27th June and 27th July!

Significant dates… but what does it mean? And where do we go from here? Why is the twentyseven site full of blank pages? Have we got ahead of ourselves again?

Elliott has promised us another blog entry today. Fingers crossed he’s found something in Nathan’s papers!



  1. Nice summary (as always)…Well, I guess we will have our fun with this 27-site for several hours (days?;-)) Perhaps you could add it to your “Blogroll”-List ?!

    • Done!!

      Thanks Serm. I would be crawling all over the twentyseven site looking for new leads IF I could bl***y access it!!! Why is it working for everyone but me??! WAHHHH!

      Guess I’ll just have to wait on Elliott now… let me know if anything changes!

      • I wonder why you aren’t able to access it…The links you posted all work very well…Perhaps problems with your browser or stuff…Anyway, nice work and we let you know if anything happens…By the way posted some nice thougts in the UN-Forum 😉

  2. Hey – Correction.
    MY countdown was counting down until 10 pm tonight (May 28)
    Gary’s countdown was counting down until 10pm TOMORROW (May 29)


    I accessed it after he did as I got the link from him.

    • Thanks EE – I’ll amend the post.
      That’s even weirder!!

      • Your BLOG-ness (sounds good, huh? ;)) in your link for letter “DALET” there is a mistake (T instead of D at the end) …

      • Thanks! Will change it now 🙂

        P.S. Liking the new title lol!

  3. Hey, unfortunately I wasn’t one to see the countdown, thanks for thinking of me though. 😉

    • Oh!! Sorry… man alive I’ve made a LOT of mistakes today. Stupid baby brain… Will do better tomorrow!

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