Posted by: porridgebrain | May 26, 2009

A Reward – And Some Good News From Aidoneus

The ‘Aletheia’ page gave us the following message from Aidoneus – it seems our hard work had finally impressed him and we were to be rewarded…with information!



A faked death, a cover-up, and suspicious field work carried out in St. Ignace, Michigan, home of the ‘Mystery Spot’, a strange area of land that seems to defy the laws of Physics.

And the best news of all? NATHAN’S ALIVE!!

Now it’s up to Elliott to detirmine our next move. Maybe Nathan’s papers can point the way forward?



  1. You guys go ridiculously fast!

  2. Elliot said on Twitter that something feels off today…could it be because it’s the 27th today?

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