Posted by: porridgebrain | May 26, 2009


At last! Well done to diggingforanswers who realised that combining the red and dotted letters from the ‘waste’ pages could give us


Thank goodness all the anagraming wasn’t in vain! We WERE on the right track!

Marygold quickly tried this as a URL and it worked!

And a message from Aidoneus gives us further help

“This isn’t where you need to be. But since you’ve been working so hard, you deserve a nudge: There is a light in the darkness. You have everything you need. Down is across, while dots are the details. Red can be read readily, but not without some counting. –AIDONEUS”

The word ‘light’ links us back to the home page and ‘darkness’ to the waste hyroglyph page again.

So are we still looking for a hidden message in the news page? And does the POSITION of the red and dotted letters provide a way of decypering a code hidden in the book club announcements?

Busy Simeons (bit like minions?) are on the case so it’s only a matter of time!!

Go team!


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