Posted by: porridgebrain | May 25, 2009

On The Illiad, Wasting Time, And Getting Ahead Of Ourselves

Last night the ‘existence’ page linked from The 8th Spoke news page changed to show a Certificate of Recognition presented to Alexander Berne from the Hanso Foundation for 30 years of service.


The certificate was awarded by a Hanso Chief Executive, Peter Thompson and, assuming the certificate is recent, awarded two years AFTER Elliott was told Alexander had died. Is this, then, what ‘existence’ is refering too? Does this certificate prove that Alexander is still alive?

Clever tweeter @empulse spotted a typo on the certificate and posted an image: – drawing attention to the 30 years service perhaps?

Clicking on the certificate led us to a new page

Seven black hyroglyphs on a white screen spelled out ‘wasting’ according to Nathan’s previous key, with each glyph forwarding us to a further page, each the Roman name for a mythological character who played a part in the Trojan war and each containing a snippet of the story taken from the epic poem ‘The Illiad’.

(NOTE: These pages have since been taken down but I’m giving the links here anyway in case they become ‘live’ again)

Screenshots for each page are given below.














UlyssesPlayers quickly noticed that some letters were marked red, and grey and others with a small grey dot underneath:



Dotted letters: THICTNEIST

Frantic players desperately battled to determine their meaning, trying anagrams and other decoding tools but failing to make sense of it all.

Getting frustrated some players started digging for new clues. And that’s when the evening took a strange twist….

Check back soon – lots more to come.

P.S. Many MANY thanks to @Env420 for email updates and screenshots – you are a star!



  1. Hey there, realized there are 2 letters missing in the ‘dotted letters’ I sent you. It should be THICTNEIST. 🙂 Sorry, it was late.

    • Thanks Erin – you’ve been such a big help. Will be doing the rest of the update as soon as the baby has a nap!!

  2. The gray letters on the waste.htm glyphs spell out the book club titles. I was damn proud to figure that out maself.

  3. i have made this page with all the grey letters and red and dot and red and doted

    • Thanks for this – brilliant! Have you missed some grey letters on the achilles page btw? Think there should be a ‘u’ somewhere. Might be worth a double check.

      • Oh and not all the pages are mentioned?

  4. will look again and update is nothing new is posted

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