Posted by: porridgebrain | May 25, 2009

A Slap On The Wrist From Aidoneus

After playing with anagrams for hours and getting no-where, players started hunting for new leads.

By a bit of clever detective work on and a stroke of luck led player Amanda to stumble across another 8th Spoke URL on Google:

At first the page the appeared blank but a look at the source code revealed the words “Patience is a virtue”. We all assumed that we’d somehow managed to luck out and found the next step, and that we should wait for further updates. Soon enough the page changed but not quite to what we had been expecting.

The tab at the top read “you shouldn’t be here” with the message “if you get ahead of yourselves, you’ll have to start over. Don’t go forward unless you can <a style=”text-decoration: none”> show your work.

Had we somehow ‘cheated’ the game and got ahead of ourselves?  A tweet from Aidoneus himself soon confirmed:

“”Wasting” was an adequate word, because when you skip ahead, that’s what you do with your time. Time to start over. –AIDONEUS”


Now when we clicked on the ‘existence’ link from The 8th Spoke news page we were greeted with this new image:


Had we then not been paying enough attention to this fact? Had we got too caught up on the Illiad codes and missed something important?

Now clicking on the certificate took us to a new page:

The tab at the top reads “there’s a light in the darkness” and five new hyroglyphs spell the word ‘waste’ with new links from each letter:



S (taking us back to the home page)












More Illiad characters, more red, grey and dotted letters. More confusion.

So then. Does that mean we need to back up a bit? It certainly seemed that Aidoneus thought so – had he ‘reset’ us. Time to start again.

Looking at the new pages we now have new letters to add to the pile:

Red letters: TTFNBHASOO


Dotted letters: KMUONBRHSOOM

Confused yet? I know I am! That’s a LOT of letters to work with!

But there’s STILL more to come…stay tuned!



  1. anyone else noted that the symbol next to the hanso foundation inverted its colors?

  2. The grey letters spell out the book club books in order. Not that it gets us anywhere. And the word “byblos” is hidden in the alt text for the link that takes up back to the index.

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