Posted by: porridgebrain | May 24, 2009

Never Gonna Give You Up

Elliott posted a new blog entry this morning in the aftermath of recent revelations and after trying to pursue various members of the Mind=Matter Seminar and The 8th Spoke seems to have hit a dead end.

But Elliott’s not ready to give up and neither are we – in fact, in the absence of further instructions by Aidoneus, he’s relying on US to find the next lead.

So far we have little to go on. Perhaps the fact that The 8th Spoke seem also to go by the group name ‘The Law’ is significant. The Sanskrit word ‘Dharma’ is often translated by the English word ‘Law’.

Changes to The 8th Spoke website may give further clues, with a new Bi-Monthly book club title announced and one of the blank images discovered by some players yesterday on the right of the News page now giving us a link to the page

So far this page is blank. But will it stay blank I wonder? And will our attempts to contact The 8th Spoke via their email address yield any results?


P.S. Today’s blog title goes out in memory to our old friend @TheCruxAnsata . Missing your craziness dude…



  1. Hi everybody!
    Sorry to point always in the same direction, but.. did anyone have any lunk in downloading the “Black Jug” file (from the link showed in SH’website)?

    ::: arp

    • what are you talking about? hebrew text? I think I LOST sth…

      • Flying Engine im talking about that theres some weird looking text in simeon hobbes website. i went to google translator and it said that it was hebrew and it translated it for me. i know that the website isnt on elliots watching list but without updates from his blog or any of the twitter accounts, and considering from the translation maybe this is the next clue were looking for. or it could be a fake, who knows?

  2. No but i managed to translate the hebrew text on the page. It says:

    The next clue is the white letters on video you will receive four lines like four statues …. only one line is used and connected with a color

    Now the question is what video is he talking about?
    Forgive me if this has been posted.

  3. But this site is one that is not on Elliott’s ‘Watching’ list. Do you really think it’s something we should be bothering with?

    • It’s not directly part of WISH? but that doesn’t make it not interesting or not worth solving! Let us know how you get on!

  4. Me neither, but his new clue “LGJ MLU KYJ …” points us to the video 27277222727.avi. That avi shows a series of letters in white while a man with a British accent reads them out in military letter code. (I actually didn’t realize until today that the letters were shown in white as I was missing a codec until today.)

    The full sequence of letters is:


    My problem is that there are 11 lines, not 4, and I don’t know how to break the 11 lines up into 4, and I don’t see anything pertaining to a color. I’ve been staring at these for days now. Maybe some fresh eyes can see something I’ve missed.

    I’ve tried each line as the password as well as each column, forwards and backwards, with no luck. I’ve also run the matrix through a Ceasar cipher decoder with no progress.

    • The 3 first rows match, I would consider removing them.
      So: 11-3=8 (and 8 can be split into 4 lines).

      btw: wich encoding system vas used for LGJ MLU KYJ?

  5. forget about the simeon hobbes website. i found this:

    i noticed that there are red letters on each of the things written, maybe were supposed to do something with those letters

  6. i found this in the existence page:

    theres red letters on each of the links with stuff written maybe were suppose to do something with them

    im sorry if someone already found this

  7. It seems that I brought up some mess, don’t I? I don’t know why, I was sure that the website “” was part of the WISH? game. But, actually, we don’t have any real sign that it is.

    So, I’ll try to sum up: one of the first messages in (SHW from now on) gave a link to an AVI file on an external server, “2shared”, locked by a password. The title of the post on SHW was written in Hebrew and it was also a clue for the password: “Goat Horns”. As someone correctly guessed, this is the exact meaning of “Aegocerus”, a name appeared in Simeon Hobbes’ Twitter:

    “May the light of Jacob be with all this day, as we celebrate musical Aegocerus.”

    This is also one the names of Pan (Greek mythology).

    The AVI file contained a clip with a series of letters in white: LGJ MLU etc. (as listed by Gary) and it was named “27277222727.avi”. In binary code, it’s either 01011000101 or 10100111010, but it’s not convertable in ASCII.

    A new message appeared on SHW: the message in Hebrew that says: “The next clue is the white letters on video you will receive four lines like four statues …. only one line is used and connected with a color”.

    Now, I was thinking about the four dots in the message: why four? If you translate “….” from Morse you have: H. If you decode “—-” (four lines) you have: (CH). With the parentheses, I really don’t know why!

    Could this mean anything? I’m still crawling in the dark!

    ::: arp

  8. Wll, I put here something I talked about in the comments of a previous post.

    One of my thoughts (in which I hardly believe now, actually) was that the “four lines” could be the messages found on the 8th Spoke website: the message from AM to Alexander, his reply, AM’s reply to the reply, and then the “Kill him”… in red! The only line “used and connected with a color”.

    But this didn’t seem to help me: I’ve also tried “killhim” as a password for the “Black Jug” download, but it didn’t work.

    So, I’m still crawling in the dark! Any guess?

    ::: arp

  9. The 2’s and 7’s may be Morse Code dots and dashes as well, but I’m no good at that.

  10. THE 8TH SPOKE website is UPDATED!!!!

  11. The red letters spell: “ATIHCTSTHATE”


  12. but there are also GRAY letters
    and letters with a GRAY DOT under them

  13. gray letters: (hope didnt miss any)

  14. letters with a dot under them:

  15. Just in case the hieroglyphics on mean something . . .

    With reference to . . .

    I get:

    S38 – “achqA” – scepter / ruler
    O26 – “wdj” or “aachaw” – stele
    X1 – “t” – bread
    G? – “?” – not sure which bird – maybe bennu?
    M22 – “nichb” – some kind of plant
    AA28 – “qd” – unknown
    O40 – “rwd” – stairway

    Gardiner Ref – sound – what it represents

  16. someone named amanda found a new url:

    she also found in the source code the phrase “patience is a virtue”

    all credit goes to her, i just thought i should post it here

  17. How does one get to resistance.htm? If you paste it into your address bar, it assumes you’ve ‘cheated’ and says to come back when you can show your work.

  18. The folks here:
    point out that the hieros spell out “wasting”.

  19. i entered again and now it says if you get ahead of

    yourselves you’ll have to start over

  20. maybe showing our work means emailing them alexander bernes certificate

  21. From epithetalpha’s twitter:

    “Wasting” was an adequate word, because when you skip ahead, that’s what you do with your time. Time to start over. –AIDONEUS

  22. new info on, which leads to

  23. Ugh. The gray letters in the stories spell out each book club book’s name. But I can’t figure out for the life of me what the red letters mean, or why “byblos” is hidden is the waste.htm source code!

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