Posted by: porridgebrain | May 23, 2009

9.27PM EST – A Trip Down The Rabbit Hole

Wow! Exciting night! Thanks to all who emailed me with updates with special thanks to @ElysiumEludes whose summary I have made use of below.  Here’s the story so far…

At 9:27PM EST as promised, the message from Aidoneus at changed to reveal an image called “cycle.jpg”


LostARG participants working aroound the clock quickly identified this image as the Astrolabe of Antikithyra: an ancient yet highly advanced, mechanical ‘computer’ dating from as early as 150BC. It was thought that when a date was entered via a crank the mechanism calculated the position of the Sun, Moon, or other astronomical information such as the location of other planets.

Hidden within the source code of the page, references were found to “persephone” and “hades” which led to two new URLs and two new images.  and

persephone  hades

 Persephone                                                            Hades

The Persephone image was identified as a pomegranate, which features heavily in the Greek myth.  The six highlighted seeds are thought to represent the number of seeds Persophone may have been tricked into eating by Hades which led to her forced imprisonment in the Underworld for half of every year (6 months).

The Hades image was taken from a painting on a vase that currently resides in the British Museum featuring the moment when Persephone eats the seeds offered to her bey Hades.

A comment from anne_wintermute on Elliott Grave’s Blog entry cleverly led to the discovery of two further URLs  



Players conjectured that “AM” was perhaps Prof. Adam Morris mentioned in the pamphlet hosting a lecture on Ancient Greece and Greek Mythology, and that “Alexander” must be Prof. Alexander Berne, the leader and founder of The 8th Spoke.

When the two letters (summer and winter) were overlaid, the image in the lower RH corner was revealed to be an inverted image of the white rabbit from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, with illustrations by John Tenniel. 1898, reproduced in it’s original form below:

White Rabbit

Another quick thinking player on Elliott’s Blog comment page, kalynbrooke26, played around with URLs some more and found this final chilling message from Aidoneus, direct to Elliott Graves (and therefore us):


So there we go – what are your thoughts?

Needless to say, it’s not looking good for Nathan with any hopes that he may still be safe somewhere rapidly diminishing. And Elliott? What on earth has he got himself, and us, into?? Hopefully we’ll hear Elliott’s repsonse to all this today.

Where will it all lead next I wonder?

HUGE thanks to all who took part last night and for many hours of hard work in helping to figure all this out. I don’t know about you but I think anyone who dismissed this ARG as merely a ‘fake’ fan effort is SERIOUSLY missing out! Brilliant stuff.




  1. messages so far via 8th spoke site

    if this gets post twice sorry having trouble submitting a comment

  2. Hi there! I felt too bad yesterday (cough and fever.. but today is not better!) to stay up till 3 o’clock (CET). But anyway, today there’s a new picture at he 8th Spoke News archive; this:

    One more thing: the chinese ideograms. I “gently” asked one of my students to propose a translation: here it is.

    启 (qǐ) and 迪 (dí) are synonims and they both mean “enlighten, open, inspire”.

    The expression “启迪” (qǐdí) means “open the mind (especially that of the young people), inspire, stimulate”.

    Ok, that’s all for now. I’m on the “Cycle” picture now.

    Simone (arp)

  3. I couldnt be up lastnight at 3 in the morn but when i looked at the site i found this.

  4. Maybe we can find out who Adam and Alexander are. Is Adam M possibly Professor Adam Morris who was speaking about Ancient Greek mythology from the pamphlet?

  5. SO, my current theory is that the 8th spoke is lying about trying to continue the work of the DeGroots, but they are looking for them and/or people who used to work for DHARMA, and are using the 8th spoke as a way to lure them out of hiding, and thus get their revenge! Perhaps they lost family members to the DHARMA initiative (like, test subjects, or brainwashed, room 23 style) Or something like that….
    Completely speculation, of course.

  6. Or former DHARMA people trying to get revenge on the Others for the purge….
    So…maybe Elliotts ancestors were Others?
    Oh, ignore me…..

  7. new post on the wish blog!

  8. About this message in Hebrew on “”:

    “The next clue is the white letters on video you will receive four lines like four statues …. only one line is used and connected with a color”.

    I though about a connection with the messages in “Winter” and “Summer”: there are, in fact, 4 “lines” (AM to Alexander, Alexander to AM, AM replying and…) and only one “used and connected with a color” (the red line “Kill him”).

    What could this mean?

    (simone ::: arp)

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