Posted by: porridgebrain | May 22, 2009

The Search Continues… at last!

After an agonisingly quiet day for eager fans out of leads on the Graves case, a new blog entry from Elliott has finally given us something new to sink our teeth into.

Included is the pamphlet mentioned in Thomas Levi’s letter to Nathaniel revealing details of a conference that Nathaniel and Thomas attended called “Mind=Matter” run by our old friends ‘The Hanso Foundation’ and a group called ‘The 8th Spoke of Michigan’. Interestingly the conference itself is held at the Dhama Initiative’s old stomping ground of Ann Arbor and makes reference to a DeGroot Memorial Theatre!

The conference itself promises a range of talks on a variety of intriguing topics with lots of new names for us to track down and the promo photo features the now reoccuring phrase “Know Thyself”.

So what are you waiting for people? Get cracking!




  1. Ahh, everything happens while I’m sleeping! Serves me right for living in Europe…

  2. On the schedule, the events are Indoor and Outdoor. I plugged the I/O’s into a binary translator and got “Û7”. I’m sure if properly translated it would be 27.

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