Posted by: porridgebrain | May 21, 2009

Project27 ‘hacker’ revealed!

Just as I thought there couldn’t possibly be any more revelations… Mark Dawber, owner of the Project27 website  has now confessed that the supposed ‘hacks’ to his website over the last couple of days were actually him all along!

Mark posted on our comments section with this:

“In the spirit of “coming clean” I would now like to retract my previous post and state that I posted the links, hidden base64 codes and images on the pages. ;-)

The reason I’m owning up is that it appears now that @elliottgraves has gone to great lengths to prepare a good story and provide entertainment for many people. I would be pissed off if I couldn’t tell my story without hijack.

Having said that, I’ve got lots of new 27 content to put on the site.”


Thanks for coming clean Mark! You certainly kept us guessing.

Anybody else got any ‘confessions’ they want to get off their chest?!



  1. This one time, I stole 20 buck out of my moms purse to buy cigarettes.

    • There now… don’t we all feel better??!

  2. I still follow.

  3. lolz wut!?!
    Has the world gone mad with ARG fever?

    As for confessions…I would like to confess that I like Ugly Betty. I watch it religiously. Though Betty does frustrate me at times. She’s supposed to be this intelligent independent young woman, but as of late she seems to have been transformed into an airhead.

  4. the truth will set you free. 🙂

    I am glad it all came out so soon, so we can informed judgements. I for one will see where this all leads.

  5. ok, ok, i’ll admit it… I started WW1! Alright? Happy now?

    And, yes, Ricardus helped me! 😀

  6. of course ricardus wuld help u…

  7. What’s going on with this ARG?

    • It’s still going! Keep an eye on the blog for updates – new blog post from Elliott Graves expected very soon.

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