Posted by: porridgebrain | May 20, 2009 hacked?

More evidence coming in that the changes to were  the work of a hacker and the website is merely a personal project of a very bemused UK MP and his brother.

Howard and Mark Dawber are listed as the owners of the website and seem to have nothing to do with a possible Lost ARG. In an email from Howard he appeared bemused and recent Twitter activity on Howard and Mark’s pages give further light to the mystery.

Howard @Bexleyheath  thanks @epithetalpha for his interest in his website but then goes on to say that “I appear to have inadvertently joined the cast of “Lost” – who have linked to my website….”

Mark too @northerncharm  appears amused by the whole thing asking his brother if he is “real” and saying “Don’t know what’s going on” and that he is “in full control again” all hinting that recent activity has been the work of a hacker.

Interestingly though Mark is now communicating with @theentrusted (a possible ‘debunked’ player?) and a recent change to the project27 page gallery now gives us the message

” This page is no longer “important”. Contiune your quest elsewhere. Praise Jacob.”

With a link to this page from the British Museum.

Playing along now are we Mark!?

bloggymama a.k.a @porridgebrain

*UPDATE!* Check the comments section for Mark’s response!



  1. Very weird, they might say they don’t, but maybe they are. Either that or they started playing along a bit to mess with us.

  2. This is Mark Dawber. I’m looking into what’s happening with the site. It’s one that my brother and I setup a few years back, and hasn’t been touched for some time.

    I’m waiting for Fasthosts who host it to reset the admin password so we can remove the page that has replaced the gallery. Sorry if that’s not the mystical answer you’re looking for. I’m thinking more “raiders of the lostarg”?

    • Actually Mark that’s EXACTLY the answer I was looking for – thanks for your reply! I’m still convinced there’s a genuine Lost ARG hidden in here somewhere so the more false leads we can debunk the better!

  3. This story is interesting/kind of funny, but it’s a little scary knowing some of these ARG accounts are willing to break the law by hacking websites and putting clues in them.

  4. I hate to say I told you so, but…I told you so. 🙂 No ARG would do this. THIS DEBUNKS EPITHET ALPHA who pointed to the site and, by my reasoning, brings down the whole house of cards.

    And like Nickolacalypse, I’m rather bemused by the idea of hackers being involved.


    Like I thought, students with time on their hands. :/ Now I feel very silly.

    • I don’t :), it was a nice ride, gg.

  6. has anyone cracked this one, yet?

  7. Actually, as someone said on Lostpedia, this is all going a bit “Foucalt’s Pendulum”-esque…

  8. Exposed?

  9. Yeah, think so. She says they’re all a bunch of grad students.

    “The blueprints lead nowhere. our quasi-cultural selections come from our schoolbooks. seriously. epithetalpha is my roommate, john.”
    “esau solon takes a physics class with me. simionhobbes is my brother. We come from nyu. sorry guys. I’m done. please pass this along.”


    I asked it they hacked 27Project too, but she’s not responding.

  10. But, just like in FC, where someone tried to blow the charade, there will be folk who don’t believe @jennyballoon, others who try to shut him/her up and disclaim them, and so it goes…

  11. …and, going from what I just saw on Twitter, what I wrote above is happening… Go read “Foucalt’s Pendulum”… 🙂

  12. Henry Gale (username of the Twitteraccount: ) is the balloon driver Benjamin Linus used as fake name when he came into the hatch. Henry’s wife was named Jenny.

    On the other side: there is a Henry Gale at NYU …

    is it real a fake ?

  13. @mred2000: Yes, I did it last night and posted to Lostpedia. Look towards the bottom of

  14. Ha, now it looks like Howard is trying to wrestle a little free publicity from the whole thing. His last tweet:

    “Funny how the number 27 keeps cropping up…

  15. In the spirit of “coming clean” I would now like to retract my previous post and state that I posted the links, hidden base64 codes and images on the pages. 😉

    The reason I’m owning up is that it appears now that @elliottgraves has gone to great lengths to prepare a good story and provide entertainment for many people. I would be pissed off if I couldn’t tell my story without hijack.

    Having said that, I’ve got lots of new 27 content to put on the site.

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