Posted by: porridgebrain | May 20, 2009

Mixed News

Hello – are you still with us?

Mixed news to report I’m afraid.

A recent post on the DarkUFO website seems to confirm that this ARG is NOT an official part of the show. Read what they have to say here

HOWEVER! Even if this is fan-made, are you really ready to give up just yet? It seems an official ARG may be on the cards after Comic-Con if we’re lucky, but I’m sure we’d all like something to do in the meantime.

So if you’re still on board then I have some good news…

Elliot Graves is back! Earlier updates to his tweet finally gave us the information we’ve been looking for by specifying EXACTLY what is and isn’t connected to his story. And then Simeon Hobbes piped up to verify! Check their twitter pages for more info @elliotgraves @simeonhobbes

In addition it seems that popular demi-god @TheCruxAnsata has been well and truely debunked once and for all. One look at his twitter page should confirm that…

So what do you reckon – are you still along for the ride?




  1. I think I’ll stick with it. Even if it was official, what would we get out of it? Another Apollo bar?

    I have the time right now to take part. It’s just a game at the end of the day, who cares if it’s being run by ABC or not?

    It’s a puzzle to be solved. I won’t quit til I’m rickroll’d by Jacob.

  2. @queen_geek What would they call it if Jacob RickRolled us? IacobusYanked? CruxCrossed? XD I don’t mind. I like having something that makes me figure junk out.

  3. I think we’re being tossed a huge red herring here. It’s bigger than we think.

  4. Well, if the people running this want to keep going, then I say more power to them, and I’ll be happy to follow along. I’m impressed with the amount of work the “official” people have put into it so far, and even the red herrings did some interesting stuff. I’m a fan of puzzles and treasure hunts.

  5. Man, this is so confusing. Oh well, we will see what happens, i couldn’t really care less if it was all a trick.

  6. Well, if folk are fine with non-canon stuff then they shouldn’t have a problem with this… it’s a bit like firing blanks, though…

  7. Just remember — even a dry hump is still a hump! 😉

  8. It’s officially unofficial:

    read the meta update

  9. TANDYQ IS THE ENTRUSTED. The blog has been infiltrated! Trust noone! MULDEEEEER!

    • So the owner of the blog was heavily involved with the fake accounts. Whoops. I swear I didn’t know any better! I thought I was chosen and my sense of purpose led to my downfall, much like Locke.

      • I know, you were young and needed the retweets. 😀 You’re forgiven.

      • Haha, AWESOME. I loved that.

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