Posted by: porridgebrain | May 20, 2009

Losing Faith

It’s been a dark few hours on the #lostarg feed with more and more doubt springing up over the validity of the whole ARG.

Twitterer @Jennyballoon claims that the whole thing has been a fake and that s/he and friends are responsible BUT until someone posts an all-out confession using one of  the Main Players/The Debunked’/Old God’s user names this can’t be proved. Why would ‘Henry Gale’ as they call themselves post this confession on a different username to the ones that have been causing all the interest if s/he really is one of them? So I guess the jury’s still out… it’s up to you to decide.

The revelation of the Project27 website hack also seems to cast a shadow BUT @epithetalpha has  dismissed any association with it (see end of this blog entry) , saying it was merely an interest to him so it doesn’t necessarily mean game-over as far as he’s concerned. Is @epithetalpha still legitimate and the website hack merely the work of an unscrupulous fan jumping on the bandwagon? I guess only time will tell.

So maybe hope isn’t quite lost yet!

However the big players @simeonhobbes, @epithetalpha and @elliottgraves have been VERY quiet these last few hours. Worryingly quiet. I guess we just have to watch and wait….



  1. faith “Lost”…'s_Pendulum


    might work better…

  3. ?

    • Damn, couldnt help but try to decode this anyway. 🙂 It says something like:

      DONT TRUST TO SIMEON!LIST�8�4(4)H MIGHT¬�$’©*¹*��¢B*l!

      • Oh, apparently it’s: “Don’t trust to Simeon! Listen! Oh mighty Horus, bless them!” Good thing I’m in the Humanities department…

  4. I agree that Jenny coming clean and the others (allegedly his/her brother, roommate and costudents) keeping up the charade seems a little weird. But regarding Epithetalpha, I’ll keep insisting that NO official ARGer would link to an external site (27Project) like that without the owner’s permission. Doesn’t matter if he hacked it or not. I’m considering Epithet debunked, and with him the whole thing.

    BTW, I asked Hotth what hish/her relation is to Jennyballoon. He then removed his last tweet, leaving the account completely blank, and changed his background image again to a painting named Jacob’s Dream. I’m counting him out as well.
    Oh, now he says: “Those who Follow shall be rewarded. Those who quiver at doubt will wither and fade.” Cute.

    • I have to agree that using a site without the author’s permission is a little odd and unprofessional…

      • …of course, the site owners might be in on it all…

        See? See how easy it is?? 😀

      • i agree with mred2000, i highly doubt there was any “site hack” of any kind, i believe the owners have been in on it all along. But maybe I’m putting too much faith into this ARG, but it feels like there has been tons of work put into it, why try that hard only to reveal it was a fake? In my opinion the “Haha we tricked you!” feeling is was gone at this point, now it would seem like a “why have you wasted your time tricking us?”.

  5. I’m out, life’s too short and i’ve enough mystery webs to untangle without this one! 🙂

  6. Fleurdenoire says: It is time to go now, Iacobus. Our Trust has been Lost: /watch?v=Sxh6v28YBj8

    It’s a video called prtcl02:

    Something tells me this is the end…

  7. In the end there is morse code?

  8. The her background went red, her name changed to prtcl02 and her profile image was the last two hieroglyphs from the Swan timer for a moment, now it’s the “folded cloth” one I think. Man this is going fast.

  9. Her bio is code for “the map is the key”

  10. and her background has “prtcl02 in progress” printed on it

  11. what does the morse say??
    it’s too fast for me..
    i think it starts with

  12. it is
    .–. .-.. .. . … [PLIES] and then
    .- –… ..— –… ..— –… [A72727]

    but i dont get it :S

    • sorry, i meant
      .–-. .-.. .. . … (anyway, it’s PLIES)

  13. while i wholly doubt the entire veracity of this arg, i find it irritating and downright childish of this jennyballoon to suggest this whole thing is fake.
    see, if she had any sort of proof i would be absolutely fine with it.
    THE FACT IS, her whole DENOUNCEMENT of this arg is riddled with holes.
    she refers to SIMEON as “simon” and “simion” – which firstly makes me wonder if she even follows the arg altogether
    then, she goes on to group together individuals who have NEVER even been linked before – ESAU SOLON was “debunked” by elliottgraves LONG ago, so if they were in cahoots – why would they do that? surely they would keep up the “illusion?”
    ALSO, her evidence is made up of information US as followers have discerned! it doesnt give her claim any hierachy.
    THEN, if she was doing this with her brother, sister and friend – why would she be denouncing this whole thing with claims such as “this was all really base, vapid stuff. Twitter, sorry. I cant wait for next season either but really. ARG’s are a bit more linear.” – why would you alienate your friends and family like that? that just isn’t something someone would do.
    i cant actually begin to express how FURIOUS this makes me.
    im sorry, if it is fake- FINE. WHATEVER.
    but her weak proof frustrates me to absolution. why haven’t the other account piqued?
    why spoil our fun to placate her own bloody delusions? honestly, its sad and IRRITATING.
    ARGH ckjdgzhsagdjhsakjhdgzjsahgdkjhsagdas
    i cant begin to express it.

    oh and p.s. who in the world that goes to nyu would a) have time to make an arg like this, during exam period b) be living/in close enough contact with their brother and sister?!?!?!??!!?

    sorry, im very VERY angry. dsakjhd kjsah

  14. “ckjdgzhsagdjhsakjhdgzjsahgdkjhsagdas”?

    benvyle, is that a new clue? 😉

  15. ^ it’s morse code for “the phoenix” 😛

  16. Hrm, in base 64, benvyle’s “ckjdgzhsagdjhsakjhdgzjsahgdkjhsagdas” is a link to this video:

    I guess the conspiracy goes further than we thought.

  17. If this was fake, then bravo to the people that did it, because it was very involved and clever and fits well with the show’s theme.

  18. 0

  19. I’m lost on again!

    Anybody cracked the password for the text file?

  20. I won’t stray away from believing until it is officially buried in the ground.

  21. TheCruxAnsata just twitted a ‘rick rolled’ link ¬¬

    • and Hotth just did the same …

  22. Confirmed as fake by ABC source

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