Posted by: themabster | May 19, 2009

Update from Project27?

Someone over on the Lostpedia blog message board posted this.  I haven’t verified it yet, but thought I’d let everyone know about it while I did some digging.

AibeRose said…

dunno if anyone noticed this, but I just went to, and found a base64 string hidden in the source code:


I translated it to: “do not trust me. G”

Tue May 19, 02:28:00 PM PDT

(Edit:  Looks like this is for real.  The “follow” link has been taken off the galleries page, and this is indeed hidden in the source code there.  Hacker?  Confused UK man wondering why so many people are on his site?  Or a message from one of the Graves?)



  1. New video at (link posted on the Lostpedia blog) by “MrEthanBrooke”… and new wav file (see comments of the video)

  2. another one;

    something hidden at end; check comments.

    • what was it?? after i entered the password it showed binary things…i dont know binary ;_;

  3. this is starting to look more legit

  4. From:

    “Apep is the key”??

    Apep: an evil demon, the deification of darkness and chaos (isfet in Egyptian), and thus opponent of light and Ma’at (order/truth)

  5. screencaps from the end of the Horu’s Wisdom video …

  6. Who are Howard And Mark Dawber? Found them on the page source for 27project’s gallery page, which now reads:

    “This page is no longer “important”. Contiune your quest elsewhere. Praise Jacob.”

    here is mark’s twitter:

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