Posted by: porridgebrain | May 19, 2009

The search continues… Update!

Well it’s been another busy day here at #lostarg HQ with scores of followers busy tweeting away trying to solve this mystery.  The following may still have nothing to do with this whole thing but I’m faithfully reporting it all anyway – you can make your own minds up.

The Debunked’ still seem to be holding sway with many complex leads and cryptic clues given as well as long ‘conversations’ between key players and tweeps – I hope a fellow editor will be able to fill you in the ins and outs of this soon. In the meantime ‘The Debunked’ seem to have started their own blog which only the ‘enlightened’ seem to know the password too…

In other news the website had some heavy traffic today after the link to the galleries page repeatedly changed displaying new pictures and links that certainly got people thinking. After the first two links (see and

 changes came quick so it was hard to keep up but images included:

A edited version of ‘Jacob wrestling with the angel’ by Gustav Dore On the website the image showed the angel without wings and in the source code for the page revealed SmFjb2IgV3Jlc3RsaW5nIHdpdGggR29k – a Base 64 code giving the image the name ‘Jacob wrestling with God’.


Next up was this contour map with the alpha and theta symbols on each axis:


There also followed a link to the Hanso foundation website from the original ARG and a link from the numbers 84.5.11 to the following Google Maps page showing something called ‘Jacob’s Chair’,-109.854419&sspn=3.459809,4.130859&ie=UTF8&ll=37.731201,-110.196251&spn=0.006551,0.008068&t=h&z=17&iwloc=AThe

It finally posted a link to @elliotgraves twitter page before going blank. website had an update too with links to associated partners, such as with mentions of Henry Gale and images of polar bears and a compass on their gallery page.

HOWEVER!! Conversations with @ElliottGraves via Twitter continue to tell us that Elliott claims no association with any of these websites or ‘Debunked’ characters! He tells us they are of no interest and merely fan sites with no ‘real’ meaning.

In addition, twitterer @jgraffiti claims to have gotten a DM from @epithetalpha – when asking him about the project27 website link he had posted @epithetalpha replied ““I don’t know. That’s not my site. I just found it amusing that there was a website devoted to a number that keeps popping up in my life.”

So who do you trust? Is what Elliott and @epithetalpha says true or is their a legitimate ‘second camp!’ – you decide!!

More on Elliott to come… check out his updated blog!

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  1. TheCruxAnsata just left an interesting morse-code tweet:
    .-. . …- . .- .-.. / – …. . / – .-. ..- – …. / .– .. – …. / –. . -. . … .. … / ..— –… / ….- —–

    It translates to:

    Genesis 27 40:
    “By your sword you shall live, And your brother you shall serve; But it shall come about when you become restless, That you will break his yoke from your neck.”

    Possible reference to Jacob’s enemy (maybe his brother? or figurative brother?) finally finding a way to overthrow Jacob, after all those years of working for him.

  2. The Debunked blog does not exist, according to my IE. Is the address right?

    • Will check it out – thanks for the heads up

      • Have fixed the link

  3. The galleries page then went black after the link to @elliottgraves. There were comments in the page source that when translated from base64 read “no more aidoneus” and now one that reads “do not trust me. G” Don’t know if there were any between those two, just the ones I caught about an two hours or so apart.

  4. “Jacob’s Chair” is actually the name of a Butte in southern Utah. I don’t know if that helps or confuses at all, but take it for what it’s worth

  5. Henry Gale is the name of Dorohy’s uncle on the book The Wizard of Oz. And the wizard, just like Henry Gale from Minnesota Metallurgy, entered a hot air baloon, got lost and ended up in Oz.

  6. […] also seems to cast a shadow BUT @epithetalpha has  dismissed any association with it (see end of this blog entry) , saying it was merely an interest to him so it doesn’t necessarily mean game-over as far […]

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