Posted by: TandyQ | May 19, 2009

Regarding The Password

Many people are confused by the password protected parts of our blog. Know that we are not hiding anything from you! We want to publish the most and best information about the currently ongoing #lostarg on Twitter. Because some feel that people like @FleurDeNoire and @esausolon have been debunked as nothing but attention-seekers, we have put posts involving these, as of now, “unnoficial” sources under password protection. But fear not! If you’re like me and want all of the information you can gather on the subject simply put in the password “jacobistheway” and all will be revealed!

I’d like to thank all the hardworking members of the site who are working to bring the latest information about the #lostarg. Let’s keep it up!



  1. Don’t know if this is the right place but; anyone taken a shot at the hieroglyphs in the new blogg, found this; , tried a little but didn’t understand much as to the first lines being about “moving enemy” and someone that’s been given the god status… I think

  2. also, it seems repetative in some ways..

  3. i think in light of what’s gone on tonight, some of the debunked pages might still be involved.

    in my opinion, it seems like @TheCruxAnsata is the hub or lynchpin (or crux, perhaps) of this whole mystery, as that account is only following 5 accounts…

    the 3 regarded as “official” (as far as this game is concerned), as well as @FleurDeNoire and @edwardloom.

  4. bah, kill me plz, just noticed the translations on the napkinpapers :/

  5. “elliottgraves: Added a “Watching” section to my blog’s sidebar. Anything not listed is probably irrelevant.

    Well, the other twitters might now be out as i suppose 🙂

    • Maybe, we’ll have to wait and see. In the meantime we’ll report everything!

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