Posted by: porridgebrain | May 19, 2009

Follow me…

It seems the website holds more secrets…

Linking to the Galleries page from the home page takes you to and the James II wiki, but link to the Galleries page from any other page in the site and you will be taken to and a link to this blog

Possible sources of interest include a mention of 27 and a Sphinx-like rock. Any thoughts?

Is ‘Follow’ a clue? Should we be following people related to these sites on twitter?

Credit to @lombada who seems to have found this first.

*UPDATE!* I managed to contact the owner of the toasty-doodle website who is very confused and amused by this whole thing! Likely a dead end…



  1. I’m becoming convinced we’re dealing with hackers. Someone threw us the 27Project link, and then messed with poor Howard’s site to give us more “clues” when we seemed sceptical. Or Howard decided to play along for a laugh…I’m sorry, but I’m calling HOAX more loudly by the minute. :/ Someone knows we like numbers and riddles. Someone is laughing their ass off.

  2. I asked @epithetalpha directly about it to see if he posted that link for any reason and he replied (in the form of direct message) with “I don’t know. That’s not my site. I just found it amusing that there was a website devoted to a number that keeps popping up in my life.”

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