Posted by: TandyQ | May 19, 2009

Elliott Graves – The Message

The message posted on Elliott Graves’ blog has been decoded. Here it is:


Your fathther meant a great deal to us, and we are honored you wish to follow in his foots[t]eps. When Adomis told me what you could do, I knew you were a perfect candidate.

However, the road ahead is long. You may be a good person in my eyes, but Jacob is much harder to please. Initiation into our order is an old and sacred process, and not the easiest thing to endure.

Your first goal is to find the Phoenix. He will ask you to recite Apollo’s creed, and if you answer correctly, he will give you a test. Th[i]s test is painful and deeply person[a]l, so be prepared. This is where most peopl[e] fail.

Everything from then on will have to remain a secret. I wish you luck, and hope to count you among our number soon.

Simeon Hobbes

What could it all mean? I can’t find anything about Apollo’s creed except for the Rocky movies…

Get to it!



  1. Good job although it’s fatheher not fathther.

    Keep up the good work 🙂

    • Odd that Elliott got “I. Theta” out of the mistakes in the translation, and identified it as a top secret project name, but as you say it’s fatheher not fathther,

      so ‘I. Theta’ doesn’t work. I think he’s making this up as he goes along!

  2. Apollo Creed sounds like the Rocky movies to me…

  3. ? .)

  4. Yeah I get the sick dog book and the guy from Rocky too. Gonna keep digging though.

  5. Has anyone seen that there are some new websites in the process of being created ?

  6. Note that @epITHETAlpha’s name contains I. THETA. He’s not making this up as he goes…

  7. Oh, and fredelliot, most of those websites are from the last lostarg, however a brand new widmore website did just pop up…

  8. What does the watermark say at the bottom of this page?

  9. Apollo’s creed is “Know thyself.”

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