Posted by: themabster | May 19, 2009

And the codes keep rolling in…

While we all still try to sift through the mire of what in the wild world of warcraft is going on here, I thought I’d just give a quick little recap for people scrambling to catch up.  (The nasty side effect of giving into sleep.  Tsk tsk.)

After I (and several others) concluded conversations with Hotth last night, he tweeted the following:

The Rules are changed. My information is not the same. (7:17 AM)

Semita rectus. (7:58 AM)

The Thread shall not be unwoven. (11:07 AM)

Also, @NamastexD reports:
Just sharing a DM from Hotth last night: “Hotth: Graves is not as ignorant as he leads you to believe. about 8 hours ago” #LostARG

So, that’s the news from Hotth.  What about these other possible impostors, you ask?  Well @edmundloom popped back up too, with more Caesar coded messages.

vwvm aw lmin ia bpwam bpib eqtt vwb pmiz @aqumwvpwjjma (tranlated:NONE SO DEAF AS THOSE THAT WILL NOT HEAR @SIMEONHOBBES)

@mrsmarkham whoo brxu vlvwhu wkdw pb oryh iru khu nqrzv qr erxqgv (translated:

To with @mrsmarkham replied: xlic orsa. epp irhw mr wmpirgi (translated: THEY KNOW. ALL ENDS IN SILENCE).

What does it all mean, I hear you ask?  Well I’ll tell you.  I have no clue.  While Edmund and Mrs. Markham seem to be communicating with each other, and the coded name @aqumwvpwjjma does lead to another Twitter account (with seemingly “in-game” tweets) I think these two are just a pair of @esausolons trying to throw us off the track.  But we’ll see.

In other news, I sent an e-mail to The Widmore Group under the ausipices of locating Nathaniel Graves, identifying myself as a member of TwARG, Inc.  I’ll let you know what I get back.

I’m sure there’s a ton of new stuff out there, so please, please don’t hesitate to help us out, share your revelations and findings, and play along!  There seems to be some new stuff going on with FleurDeNoire, but that’s for another post…..

Signed @theMabster, MarielEvenstar, LadyTesla on LP Forums.



  1. PLEASE prove me wrong! I WANT to eat crow on this. The only remote proof I’ve seen is the youtube account, and that can be faked or hacked. Faked would mean someone inside YouTube itself mighta helped. Not out of the question. Hacked is more likely. They had three years to guess the password.

    This is of course an ARG of some sort. People are working up puzzles for others to solve. Theree is NOTHING wrong with that and I applaud it. Perhaps this started as a grass roots thing with a half dozen or so friends and has taken on a life of its own.

    I take umbrage w/the fact these guys are passing themselves off as THE LOST ARG when there’s no concrete evidence supporting it. Using the Lost trademark w/o any proof is bad form. We have heard nothing from Bad Robot, Hi-ReS!, ABC, Channel 4 in the UK, and of course Lindeloff and Cuse are completely silent. If this were an actual Official Lost ARG, there would be no question. We’d know by now. These guys are using the brand without permission, because otherwise they wouldn’t hide the fact. Their silence proves their guilt. There’s no pleading the fifth in ARGs.

    If they wanted to play with Egyptian hieroglyphs and Morse code and constellations, they didn’t have to use the word LOST. They coulda called it anything else. It’s bad enough we’re not getting anything official from Bad Robot on this for this last season. To see a fanwanking facsimile trying to pass itself off as something professional and official? It’s an insult to our intelligence and I’m appalled so many are going along with it.

    Please prove me wrong. I WANT to eat crow on this. We need formal confirmation from Bad Robot, or they need to change the name of their little game and stop passing themselves off as THE Lost ARG when they’re clearly not.

  2. In their defense, not a one of them has used the word “Lost” in the context you refer too. If it is fan based, then I applaud those fans for coming up with something that is inspiring and intriguing to people. Yes, there are weak links and question marks, but those have been there with the “official” ARGs as well.

    But before you go filing lawsuits against these “kids” just realize that they have drawn parallels to LOST and are using some show information and characters, they have not “branded” themselves at all, outside of the use of TLE YouTube channel, which was never official to begin with.

    Just some food for thought. 🙂 If it bothers you so much, ignore us for a couple of days. I’m sure we’ll know one way or t’other before too long.

  3. Lawsuits? Where’s the fun in that?

    “If it bothers you so much, ignore us for a couple of days”

    ..and in the meantime while I’m ignoring them, one of these ‘ingame’ twitter accounts might refer people to a website where they are asked to give compromising information. There’s a sucker born every minute. It only takes one.

    I started this windmill tilting cuz it’s fun, but in my experience, people online don’t often pretend to be something they’re not unless they’re trying to get something out of it. Not everyone online is well-intentioned, and not everyone is impervious to being duped.

    So with all due respect, I’ll shut up when they either formally prove their validity with Bad Robot, or formally come clean and tell everyone they’re not affiliated with LOST the tv series in any capacity.

    It’s real easy. I’m just asking them to tell us the truth. Not too much to ask.

  4. I agree. But right now, no one’s getting hurt. You’re not getting hurt. I’m not getting hurt. The tweeps who are having a fun time following clues and solving riddles aren’t getting hurt.

    I think because the nature of this ARG is a social networking site, there’s very little chance someone is going to just jump in and give up their social security number without thinking twice. At the very least they’d tweet about it, and 87 million of us will tell them not to do it.

    I think you’re severely overreacting to something that’s not hurting anyone. So far no one has claimed to be legitimately affiliated with ABC, and we all know it. Of course there’s no harm in asking directly, but I think if anyone had asked Rachel Blake directly if she was working for ABC she wouldn’t have said yes. So don’t get too upset when you don’t get the answer you’re looking for.

    I fully expect that within the next few days we will either get proof of legitimacy or hoax. Until then, we’re all going to keep questioning, wondering, and figuring stuff out. All I’m asking is that in your quest for truth you don’t rain on the parade of the people who are genuinely having a good time with the mystery. Please, keep probing, keep questioning, that’s your God given right. But you don’t need to leave comments or tweeps or write blogs calling the people who are interested and hopeful names like “suckers”, “losers” or “ignorant”, or spam the #lostarg thread with nonsensical and unrelated comments.

    So please, for the sake of the people who just want to have hope, don’t be a party pooper.

  5. i think we’ll know for sure at the next Comic-Con. it could very well be that they want this to seem more “real” than the last ARGs, so they’re hiding all the “officialness” of it as long as possible. it feels more like the “cult of Jacob” and the “cult of Jacob’s enemy” stretch beyond the show and into the real world.

    maybe it is all fake, and i say hats off to whoever has absolutely no life whatsoever and can orchestrate such an elaborate hoax. thanks for keeping the Lost-iverse interesting during the off-season.

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