Posted by: sabrinabarren | May 19, 2009

27 project UPDATE

It was recently noticed that now, when you click on the “100 photographs gallery” on the site there is a link in the top left hand corner of the page saying “follow” (like following on twitter?)

It sends you to the wikipedia page for King James II of England

According to Wikipedia “This page was last modified on 8 May 2009, at 23:19 (UTC)” and was a featured article.

The page’s edit history is here;

any ideas folks?

Idea from TandyQ:   JACOBITES;    which was v. relevant to James II’s reign.



  1. Jacobites

  2. Jacobites ?

  3. Maybe we should tweet this post and see if anyone has any ideas?

  4. And if you go to and click “follow” you end up at:

  5. According to that wiki page, James was named Duke Of York on 27 January 1644.. another 27 more…

    by the way, thanks for your efforts.. Even if all this is fake, it’s fun enough..

  6. a few hours ago the “follow” link too me to a google map image of a street in arizona. i cant remember the street name, but i know it is mentioned in the lostpedia form on this subject.
    ill let you know.

  7. Very interesting.. Was it only recently that the page linked to this wiki article or was it actually 100 photos before?

  8. When you click on the “100 photographs gallery” from the main page it leads you to
    with the wikipedia link and all…

    but when you clink on the same link, but from one of the other pages such as “about the number 27” or any other else, you go to

    and in this page the “follow” link leads you to this blog entry

    don’t know what to make of it…any ideas ?!

    • I’ve just found the same thing! The number 27 immediately jumped out at me as did the reference to the ‘Sphinx-like rock’ and the link to Google Maps – anyone had a close look at the image? I’m not so good with that kind of thing…

  9. The street address was this:

    E Starlight Way
    Paradise Valley, AZ 85253

  10. i don’t see any good leads from the site. i’m guessing it’s linked there because he was king james II and VII (2 and 7…) so that made it relevant with the theme of 27.
    also, if you click through to the “100 photos” link from any of the other pages on the site, then it takes you to a picture of a birthday candle.
    i thought that maybe it had something to do with king james’s birthday, but that seemed to be a dead end.
    the only reason that i think there has to be something to these links is because earlier today they actually did link to a gallery of some pictures of the number 27.
    possibly this website isn’t run by the people doing the ARG and was simply meant to lead us to elliott on twitter. seeing all the random traffic on their website they were forced to remove the pictures (they were flash, and thus probably ate up quite a bit of bandwidth) and replace them with random links.
    however, i still can’t convince myself that this is the case, because it’s too much of a coincidence, especially with the links saying “follow”, which makes me think we need to be following someone on twitter that has some relation to king james and possibly birthdays/candles…
    i’m so lost… and pissed that elliott didn’t write a new blog post like he said…

  11. I never got 100 photos out of it, and the only thing I’ve seen was the wiki page. for some reason i don’t think the 27 website has anything unless it’s hidden in source code or just so blatantly obvious that we’ve missed it.

  12. Martin candle maybe?

  13. OK, that definitely wasn’t happening yesterday, with the gallery–it contained nine images all containing the number 27. But we HAVE determined more than once that 27Project is an RL site by an RL guy and has been around since 2006! Howard Dawber is a REAL Labour politician who made this site for a lark a few years back. When Bloggymama mailed him yesterday, he was surprised about all the traffic he was getting, and talked about updating it soon…maybe he’s thrown in the “follow” links now to pages related to 27 just to play along and stir the pot. Or it may even have been hacked/vandalized by others. Trying to be rational here. 🙂

  14. Im now having trouble getting on the 100 photographs! just getting “page not found”

  15. Just to help clear things up, this site is unofficial. @epithetalpha was the one who posted it, and i DM’d him asking about it. Lo and behold, i got a message back this morning saying, “I don’t know. That’s not my site. I just found it amusing that there was a website devoted to a number that keeps popping up in my life.” It’s unofficial.

  16. there is a new link on the 27project website. Under 100 photographs gallery. there is a link 84.5.11 click and it takes you to the location of Jacob’s Chair, which is in Utah. don’t know what it means but just saw it and wanted to let you know

  17. I think that we can confirm based on info from @epithetalpha ( and @elliotgraves (@petefic It’s an amusing website, but it’s not what I would call “important.” I wouldn’t give it much thought.), that 27project isn’t important. however if it is, i live in utah so booyah;)

  18. I think this link is possibly to show us we should use the king james bible for reference.

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