Posted by: porridgebrain | May 18, 2009

Where it all began

Just in case you’re REALLY behind it might be worth checking out this Lostpedia entry

Credit here goes to fellow Tweeter @DEBauslaugh for finding @Epithet Alpha and starting the whole ball a-rolling.



  1. Good call. I might do a rehash post when things slow down a bit… if they do.

    • I’m desperately trying to keep up! And juggle real life!! Damn you real life…

  2. There is also a thread following the “progress” (ha ha…I slay me) of this ARG on the Lostpedia Forum.

  3. @TandyQ

    Was gonna DM you on Twitter, but you don’t follow me. 🙂 The links from @custron came from

    Looking at the site it looks more fake to me than anything else.

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