Posted by: sabrinabarren | May 18, 2009

Very Important Information For Those Just Joining

Only now have we had a definitive reply regarding the legitimacy of certain parties to this ARG.

Reliable Sources at this point in time are:


The standard twitter search function for this following is #lostarg

Debunked / False Sources / Non Relevant:

@thecruxansata (password: nelsonification )

PLEASE be especially aware of the lb-dg one, it asks you to send off a questionnaire with money.
Two of the other links are plugs to a NON-ARG book.

lostpedia blog seems to agree, see: LINK

I also propose a motion to remove threads pertaining to false sources/ information to avoid confusion



  1. Fine with me! Good work!

  2. ill wait to hear from at least a few more editors before we go deleting, its just the fakers have already led to much confusion on the twitter threads

  3. I was going to suggest the same thing. If you want we can just make those posts private. We can always repost information should any of the fake twitters somehow become integrated. Which is highly unlikely, anyway.

    • that’s a great idea amiekay , im for that

  4. How do you know that they are unreliable? Is it just the elliottgraves postings, or was there something else?

    • that and esausolon and fleurdenoire’s conduct which was bizarre, incoherent and too-fast moving for these arg’s.
      if you look at the previous ones and the conduct of simeonhobbes and alpha theyre v different

  5. Yeah, making the threads private sounds good. No deleting though. If something does come out legitimate we’ll want to keep it around. Also, if you have information from an illegitimate source and you wish to post said information “just in case” for later make sure those are hidden as well.

    We only want to be reporting what we know to be the legitimate, as of now not official, #lostarg. Readers need to know only the facts!

    …So who knows how to work this thing and hide those posts? First person to answer gets the co-admin position.

    • i just wanted to suggest taking @fleurdenoire ‘s name off the title banner

  6. I’ll go remove it. Good call. I figured out how to hide them. Custron is the co-admin.

  7. If epithetalpha was legit, would he/she really link to a “random”, unaffiliated (and rather old) site like 27Project without asking the owners? I figured out the Howard Dawber connection earlier, and it gave me serious doubts about the whole thing. Doesn’t seem like something a grand-scale ARG would do…

  8. Who knows how this ARG will play out… this will likely be the last LOST one, so I would be willing to bet they’ll pull out all the stops. I doubt we’ll see the true complexity of this one for awhile.

  9. elliot’s brother has worked for widmore, i’m to sleep, please keep an eye on that..

  10. And both Epithet and Simeon have been very quiet for twelve hours now. I wonder why.

  11. @esausolon just really outed himself as an imposter. Glad @elliottgraves said something earlier so we can still keep hope alive!

  12. Have you re-checked ’27 project’ ?? When I checked it earlier, there was nothing in the gallery section, I just accessed it again and there’s a word “follow” in the top with a link to an address in google maps. Don’t know what to make of it.

  13. …just tried it again and now when you click on “follow” it takes you to the wikipedia page on “James II of England” …

  14. Esausolon no longer has a twitter page. 😮

  15. Personally I think the password protected posts are a bit over-kill – just causing MORE confusion and speculation the #lostarg.

    Can we not just put a disclaimer at the top of the posts – ‘WARNING – may or may not be related to ARG’ or something like that?

    • I agree, it’s causing a lot of confusion. I’ll run it by TandyQ and see what he thinks.

      • actually, i just twitter searched you dude and followed the people you followed LOL~!!! only the main three though…so thanks for the in-advertant help??

  16. i just joined twitter so i can play, but i can only find simeon hobbes’ twitterpage. anyone help me please?? i’ve searched for the other two, but couldnt find them ;_; plz hlp…:3

  17. trascend twiter into FB

  18. […] One last note, in regards to this at the LostARG blog: PLEASE be especially aware of the lb-dg one, it asks you to send off a questionnaire with […]

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