Posted by: TandyQ | May 18, 2009

The Blog Is Live!

Okay! So after a little bit of waiting and fiddling around on WordPress the Twitter #lostarg blog is now live! If you have to be away from #lostarg for a while, be sure to check back in here to make sure you didn’t miss anything.

Happenings of the moment: New addition to the Gods on Twitter. First there was @simeonhobbes, then @epithetalpha, now @FleurDeNoire? Her actual name says Menhit. What does that mean, you ask? Well that would be another Egyptian God! ( A foreign war goddess, to be exact. Does this mean this newcomer is malicious, much like Aidoneus the hacker is assumed to be? Only time will tell! The interesting thing about this newcomer is that she seems to reply to some people who tweet at her in Latin. Try it out! Maybe you’ll get lucky!

In somewhat older news, @epithetalpha’s Twitter account got hacked last night by a man who calls himself Aidoneus. He claims that @simeonhobbes and @epithetalpha are evil! Aidoneus is another name for Hades, Greek God of the underworld, so who knows who to trust anymore?



  1. I found information that links Aidoneus to Persephone as her husband. Does this relate this ARG to the previous one where Rachel (aka Persephone) was investigating Hanso Foundation? Just wondering…

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