Posted by: TandyQ | May 18, 2009

On The Subject of Elliott Graves

It seems that I have left a major character out of the loop in my introductory post: @elliottgraves! An important player indeed, he is suspected by some to be the hacker Aidoneus. He has his own wordpress blog, which can be found at Go there to read in his first post about how the firstborns in his family go missing at the age of 27…



  1. TandyQ, I can’t seem to find Elliot Graves on Twitter. Do you have a link to his page? All that comes up when I search is a guy who made one tweet back in February.

    BTW, thanks for doing this. Really helpful for those of us trying to keep non-tweeps informed.

    • Wow, I’m screwing up today. His name is Elliott Graves. Two “t’s”, haha. I’ll fix that right away. Here’s a link:

  2. Excellent. Thanks for the clarification!

  3. Also, I’ve been looking at the source code for his blog, and seem to have found some stuff that may be more base64 code. I’m working on a translation now. Mostly I was looking for something that might indicate a legitimate connection to ABC, since the “copyright” of this blog seems to be a *smiley-face*.


    • Interesting. I’ll have to look more closely in his source code.

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