Posted by: porridgebrain | May 18, 2009


Earlier today @epithetalpha posted a link to the site saying that it ‘meant alot’ to him. Not many clues have been found from the website so far, except

1. The owner seems to be a Howard Dawber who according to Twitter may or may not be a real-life Labour MP from the UK. (See – attempts at communication via phone and email have so far yielded nothing but who knows – I may soon get an email from a very confused MP!)

2. On the links page we see that Genesis 27 is the story of Jacob and his brother Esau and how Jacob pretended to be Esau to gain his father’s blessing –

HOWEVER! The number 27 clue did lead to @elliotgraves who responded to an @simeonhobbes tweet and has a black and white ’27’ as his avatar. A link to his blog will give further info:

He’s promised to update later today – so keep your eyes open and your fingers on F5!


After emailing Howard Dawber a rather cryptic message asking him about his site and throwing in ‘Know Thyself’ in case this was legit I received this reply…

“Yes, it’s a personal project.

I should update it really as for some reason I seem to be getting a lot of traffic…


Still not a clue if he is just a confused MP but I will email him back and see what I get!



  1. Candidates?

    Are we all?


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